“I don’t search, I find”


“There is no new art. There are new artists. The new artist must be completely faithful to him or herself, must be a creator, must be capable of building his or her own foundations directly and alone, without depending on the past or tradition… the formula is his or her antithisis”

Egon Schiele

“Without art life would be a mistake”
Friederich Nietzsche

“I close my eyes in order to see”

Paul Gauguin

“The work of the artist is always to deepen the mystery”

Francis Bacon

“What proceeds from an internal necessity of the soul is beautiful”

Wassily Kandinsky

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The CreArt Project –a network of European cities involved in promoting creativity- has launched the annual celebration of the European Day of Artistic Creativity for the next 21st of March 2013. The objective of this new and original initiative is to promote a broad concept of creativity, stating that it can be found in different fields such as visual, audiovisual or performing arts, as well as in technological innovation or social leadership. One of the main goals of this event is to prove that creativity is an attitude, a skill present in every human being, which can be rooted, stimulated and enriched by means of a huge variety of strategies. If you think this initiative is interesting and want to express your support, use the form below to introduce your name and e-mail address.

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Already joined

Teresa Villaverde - journalist

Maria López Fontanals - Cultural manager

Eneritz Lopez Martinez - Art Educator and researcher

Maria Mozo Garcia - Cultural Manager

Juan Gonzalez-Posada Martinez - Director of the web DDOOSS

Roberto Santana - IT Manager

Mercedes Cantalapiedra - Councilor for Culture, Tourism and Commerce

Juan Manuel Guimerans - Chief director of the Culture Area (Valladolid)

carmen garcia - documentalista

Maria Jose Saenz - Project Manager

carmen garcia - documentalista

Raúl Fernández Sobrino - G.M. at G. Evento.es

Ana Alonso Villaley - student
''Un dadaísta es una persona que ama la vida en toda su inmensidad y sabiéndolo, dice: ¡no sólo aquÃí, sino ahí, ahí­ y ahí­ está¡ la vida!''

Guillermo Guerra - Project Manager

Culturias - entidad sin ánimo de lucro

Ignacio Duro Roca - Arquitecto.

Jordi Pardo - Expert in cultural policies and development
We are humans because we have culture, and art an science are the most important cultural capacities of mankind. It is important to think about artistic creativity in Europe as a resource for hope and prosperity.

Javier Celaya - Socio fundador de Dosdoce.com
We need to create a cultural ecosystem that foster open and shared creativity

David Roselló Cerezuela - Cultural manager

Elías González-Posada - Catedrático de Universidad

Evi Sfikaki - WORLD-CEF Cultural Management Association
We totally support the European Day on 21st of March 2013

Paco Díez - Musician

Marzia Santone - Cultural Contact Point Italy

jose luis rubial cancillo - Comunicador

Eva Moreno - locutora

fiorenza lipparini - policy analyst

María José Alcántara Palop - Museum Director

Lía G. - Photographer


Egle Deltuvaite - CCP Lithuania

Luis Sazatornil Ruiz - Catedrático de Historia del Arte

Patrick Waldo - Arts Management Consultant
"Everything is writable about if you have the ongoing guts to do it, and the imagination to improvise. The worst enemy to creativity is self doubt." ~Sylvia Plath

jose antonio gracia - tatuador

Andrés Mérida - Artista Plastico

Luis Felipe Comendador - Editor


Florie Salnot - Freelance designer


Amor Calderón Guzmán - jewellery designer

Lauretta Laureti - Asssociazione di Volontariato HUMUS


Ilaria Oliva - Cultural Manager

Fabio Borghese - Director of Creactivitas University of Salerno

Allelammie - Cultural association - culture promoter

Djurica Stankov - Project Manager

Laura - student


cristina bellio -

ChiquiOcio - Magazine

Araceli Ortiz - Enfermera

amelia aguado - Running a museum

Alvaro Perez Mulas - Artist and Art Teacher

Clarissa Rodrigues - Master student

Rosana - Chemist

Rosa Perales Piqueres - curator

Diego Calavia Saez - Magician
I'm also art director in Zarándula, a very creative sociocultural company

Juan Prieto-Rodriguez - Professor

Juan Arturo Rubio Arostegui - (Head) Professor at Nebrija University

Mercedes Mudarra - Historiadora del Arte

manolo gil labrandero - painter and visual artist

Anthony Jared Higginson - atist / art teacher
The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance. Aristotle

Agustín Manuel Martí­nez - Musician

Isabel Villagar - Soprano

Ana Marí­a - Teacher

Roberto Izquierdo - Profesor de Artes Plásticas y Diseño

José Félix Fernández - Teacher

Paul Karsten Kristensen - Advisor

Noemí - English teacher

david bennasar mora - artist

Annalisa Teseo - stilist

Virginia de la Cruz Hernandez - Arte creatividad y diseño en volumen.
Estimados amigos, me parece que la iniciativa es muy interesante y quiero expresar mi apoyo, la realización del arte es algo muy positivo.

Jesús Portal - Artist and Art Teacher

Ivana Panochova - Gallery manager

Marica Girardi - project manager

Pedro Francisco Garcí­a - Arqueólogo/Dibujante

Alina Cismas - speciality reviewer
Art is not a thing...it is a way!


Rita - Project Coordinator

Margit Abraham - Counsellor

Kristina Stankeviciute - arts manager
Creativity is natural for children - it's important to maintain it as we grow up..

Ana Margarida Pacheco - Architect

Gintaré - Lithuania, Vilnius
'No great thing is created suddenly' Scott Adams

Catherine Park - Art Historian

Begoña López Trascasa - Profesora Artes Plásticas y Diseño

Alina Cismas - speciality reviewer

Dragos Ana-Maria - Manager
"After I discovered that life has no meaning, we have no choice but to give it meaning." Lucian Blaga

Galería Carmen del Campo - Art Gallery


Andrea Franco - Film writer

László Ildikó - Manager-tourism
I think a very good idea of the call in the art. My question would be who could take part in it? Just qualified artist can participate in the tender or any creator can participate with his works? You can answer at transtur@praid.ro mail. Thanks!

Gyte Bartos - Choreographer

Annalisa Barbone - IT Dancer Theacher Choreographer Free Professional Artist

Rosalba Colapinto - Tourism Organizer

Isabelle Torrubia - Agente Literaria

Filipe Relêgo - Cultural Manager

Branca Goncalves - Local Tourist Guide

Rolanas - Graphic artist

Charo Alvarez - Bilbao International Art&Fashion/Bilboost´s Projects Director

Francisca Almeida - Student
less is more.

Julie Vogelsberger - Producer for GLiMT, physical theater

Giulia Mauri - Artist - Illustrator
I would love to be part of this project in one way or another, exchange ideas with like minded people and create some art for all people to see and appreciate. I very much look forward working with other artists and creatives from all over Europe!

Ainhoa Sanchez - Cultural Manager

Javier Encinas Hernández - architect and design teacher

Stina Nilsson - Cultural manager/youth consultant

Teresa - Musicien

jessica valiente - Licenciada en Pedagogía e Interpretación del violín

Cristina (YUNASTUR) - artesana

Marina Quílez - Percussionist

Uxue - Musician

Laszlo BOTAR - artist

Hans Van Regenmortel - Artistic coordinator

Meira Odina - Writer
¨Creation is one of the most direct and radical ways to treat and alleviate the pain of our dark condition¨ Meme Malka

Miryam Anllo Vento - Artist, graphic designer and chief director of Espacio DiLab, Valladolid
I believe creativity is one of the most desirable values human beings may own.

Alvaro Buitrago - Music Theacher, Composer

Maurizio Magnasciutti - musician/artistic director
Interesting initiative.

salvatore ravo - artist

Casilda García Archilla - diletantes

francisco javier de diego lopez - aut.hostelero exposiciones,fotografo.
humildemente aporto mi granito de arena

Aurelio Cachafeiro | WALL ART · BCN - Artista

Veres Imola - artist/ art teacher

maila - museum mediator, roma

CIENFUEGOS - Espacio de Creación

Mihaela Ciobanu - Cultural projects assitant

Andres Sanchez Garcia - Decorador, artista plastico.

Javier García Riobó - Artista

Alexandre Rola - designer and artist
creatives need coffee!

Juliana - Drawing

Inês Manso Pinto - Art Former

Márton Ildikó - Architect

nilo casares - art critic curator

Carlos Vivancos Marti - Productor Audiovisual
Es importante promover la creatividad artística. Aún lo es más que los artistas y creadores puedan beneficiarse de su actividad. La defensa del derecho de autor, es la defensa de la prosperidad de la sociedad.

maria - ilustradora

ismael arribas - enterpreneur
Supporting imagination, illusion and creativity.

Maria Chamoso - Account Manager
Nothing to risk, nothing to gain

El arte es la esencia del hombre y el hombre es la esencia del arte

Carmen Serrano Murillo - Cultural Manager

felipe barbosa - Historiador de la gestión cultural

Santiago Bellido Blanco - architect
Let's grow

Piet Forger - Coordinator Vitamine C

La Escuela de Diseño - Educación
La Escuela de Diseño


Gabriele - Benucci
Cultural Manager

Dani Mayo - Artist
The art it's like the oxygen ... We need it to live

María Marí-Pérez - Cultural Manager

Jesús Capa - artista plástico

sixto castro - professor

Javier Duero - Cultural Manager

Kristveig Halldórsdóttir - Artist and teacher

Sarig Tunde - artist

Gullkistan - Residency for creative people

Juan Carlos González M. - Artista plastico

Santiago Lara - Artist

Jacinto Lara - Artista plástico

isabel - visual artist

Edurne Herrán - artist

Juan - Teacher

Julio del Valle de Iscar - concejal


Vesela Kondakova - Project manager in culture

Miguel Santos - Artista Plástico

Luis Angel Vélez Santiago - Concejal PSOE Ayto Valladolid

Luis Vélez Santiago - Concejal PSOE Ayto de Valladolid

Violaine Hacker - COMMON GOOD FORUM

Aída Santos - Cantante

Miguel Angel Pérez - gestor cultural

Vittoria - cultural organiser

Djurica Stankov - aktivist

alicia moneva - pintura/fotografía

ENCATC - European Network on Cultural Management and Cultural Policy Education

Carmela Rodriguez Ruiz - painter


Federico Basterra - Cerocinco Estudio

Jesús - Ebanista

Amelia Aguado - Directora Fundación Jiménez-Arellano

Luz Velasco - Artista plástico

Carlos de la Cal - Profesor de Dibujo

Cristina Figueroa - Illustrator


angela felipe ramos - retired teacher

Pilar López de la Fuente - English teacher
I ´ve always supported everything connected with promoting creativity, I think our young students and in general all youngsters need doses and doses of it, specially at these times of materialism around us. I´m afraid I won´t be able to atted the annual celebration because we´ll have just arrived from Dublin with our students,that´ll be the 20th at 21.30 and we´ll be exhausted your idea is great and you´ll find all support by me.My best wishes evertyhing will be fine and regards. Pilar López de la Fuente

Mercedes Mudarra - Historiadora del Arte

Gianluca Del Gobbo - Ceo

Inmaculada Vara - Música tachera

Noemí García - English teacher

Juan Toledano - Pintor y filósofo

ana - Artista

Margarita Blanco - Educational Psychologist

Inês Pinto - Art Former

"Yhervas" - Directora de la Academia de Pintura Yhervas

Miguel Ángel Martín Hernando - Docencia

Javier García Riobó - Artista
Siempre se parte y cada vez se vuelve Hugo Mujica

Yolanda García Hervás - Directora de la Academia de Pintura Yhervas

Malcom Miles - Illustrator
Minimalist Extraordinaire.

Ana Roda - Artista Visual y Profesora de Artes Plásticas en Enseñanza Secundaria
El Arte es un patrimonio universal y el ARTE Contemporáneo necesita de la ayuda de las Instituciones tanto públicas como privadas para que sirva de alimento a la mirada del espectador. Una vida vacía de cualquier manifestación artística se convierte en una vida plana y avocada a la rutina y al estancamiento. La CREATIVIDAD es fundamental para el crecimiento del individuo y para el enriquecimiento de una SOCIEDAD. La vida sin CULTURA se repliega en si misma y hace de la persona un ser manejable por el poder. Los artistas mantenemos viva la llama de calar hondo en el espectador para que a través de nuestras creaciones lea y sienta el mensaje de nuestra vida, de nuestro ser y de nuestro estar. Ana Roda.

ANGELES Manso - photographer


Juan-Manuel GUIMERANS - Director de Area de Cultura, Comercio y Turismo. Ayuntamiento de Valladolid

francisco javier de diego lopez - aut, hostelero,fotografo

Ángel Barbero Cubas - Fotografía

David del Bosque Vega - Artist

José Ignacio Gil - Artista

Cecilia Merino - Trabajadora Social

Ildiko meny - researcher Madrid/Berlin

Rafael Baliña - Cultural Manager

Josefa - Profesora
Quiero apoyar la creación del Día Europeo de la CREATIVIDAD

Javier - Cultural Manager

Diane Dodd - Director

Ghislaine Boddington - Creative Director

Germán Sinova - Artist

Virginia - TRAMES - Cultural Manager

Javier Redondo - artista visual

Nacho Carreras -

Aina Aguiló - Museum Director

Afşin Altaylı - Cultural Manager / CCP Turkey

Carla Aguinaga - Unemployed

Raúl Reguera - Designer

sevtap THURSTON - tv producer
With creativity living comes, without, death begins

Cindy Claes - choreographer
”There is no formula for success that has been proven to be the right one (in the dance world). Don’t be afraid to innovate and create your own.” - Cindy Claes

Verónica Paradinas Duro - Artista y arquitecto

antònia llabres bernat - biòloga

Klara Landwehr - president

Anna Baena - Diseñadora gráfica

Miquel Robles - Jornalist and publisher


Cristina Dominguez San Felipe - Cultural manager

Dorina Khalil-Butucioc - Theater critic and researcher, professor, director of the Contemporary Drama Centre (CDC)
European Day of Artistic Creativity - Chisinau, Moldova!

Kabitaki Eleftheria - curator

nieves clemente - decimista

Eva del Fraile Fiz - Artista plástico

Pedro Nabais - Manager
I express my support to the annual celebration of the European Day of Artistic Creativity for the next 21st of March 2013

Gemma Ramírez Millares - Restauradora y educadora artística

Esperanza Caro López -

Stefania Zorzi - biologist

sol - executive

Fondazione SoutHeritage - Foundation for Contemporary Art

Maria Chronopoulou - Cultural Manager
I think is a great initiative!

caitriona curtis - Institute Manager

Inga Samulionienė - Coordinator

Agnieška Grinevič - Events coordinator

Laima Nerkevičienė - Deputy manager

Ruth García - Consultora Social Media

Jolanta Kyzikaite - Artist

Teresa Cuadrado -

Judit - creative event organiser

elsa lebram - psicologa

concha sánchez-girón martín - ilustradora

concha sanchez-giron martin - ilustradora

gloria arias - artiste peintr
Vivo en francia y quiciera ser invitada a exponer y colaborar en lo que sea posible les inviti haber mi sit www.gloriaarias.com o artquid.cm/gloria-arias

Escuela de Arte y Superior de Diseño de Segovia. Casa de Los Picos - Escuela de Arte

Souar - Artiste plasticien

Chemi Alonso - Teacher
Artistic creativity should be one of the primary objectives of primary education. I need to take part in this project

i like toparticipate in this event

Raquel Villar-Pérez - student

sonia e barrett - visual artist
"It’s only with the heart one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.” Antoine de Saint Exupéry, Therefore let art open the heart as well as the head.

Nicholas Karachalis - Lecturer - Researcher

olegas Darcanovas - Art manager

Museu Picasso de Barcelona - museum

Cristina Martín - community manager

Valle Clarós -

Valle Clarós - Artista

Gudrun Heymans - Cultural Contactpoint Belgium-Flanders
great initiative

ismail ates - Turkey

Sule Kut - Rector, Okan University, İstanbul

Aygül Aykut - Erciyes University, Kayseri
Art Educator, Researcher, Cultural Manager and Artist

IES Juan de Juni - High School

ghislaine bellocq - teacher

Natacha Arranz - Fashion designer

oyku erinc - art historian&social worker

Filipe Relêgo - Cultural Manager

Gintarė Strigūnaitė - student of sociology

Román Carey - Senior Designer - Problem Solver
"Creative Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” - Steve Jobs

Román Carey - Senior Designer - Problem solver
"Creative Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” Steve Jobs

elena ger - marketing assistand

Iñaki Tovar - Online Marketing Consultant
Leave the creative juices flow!

Carlos Luna - Abogado

Roxana Romila - Artist

Ümit Yaşar Işıkhan - International Activist Artists Association

Ümit Yaşar Işıkhan - International Activist Artists Association

Maria Helena Cruz - Librarian
I think this iniciative is very interesting, I want to collaborate in this project. Please, tell me what I need to do. I´m very, very interested

vincenzo bellini - administrator

vincenzo bellini - administrator

forel fabienne - photographer

Ferchichi - actor

Serafino Paternoster - Journalist - Press Office Matera (Italy) Ecoc 2019


Cristina Figueroa - Ilustradora, Licenciada en Historia del Arte.

Linsa Bitkeviciute - Artist, Designer & Dreamer

Pilar Abreu e Lima - Architect-investigator

Lola Eiffel - Choregrapher & Dancer

Fefa Noia - Theatre Director

Los Lunes - Theatre Company

adrian sandu - visual artist and curator - museum arad

Patrícia Corrêa - visual artist, researcher and cultural producer

Inés García Candau - artist

Chari - Artist
"Si crees creas, por eso el arte es un acto de fe"

Virginia Calvo - artista y profesora de educación artística y dibujo técnico

Amelia Aguado Alvarez - Directora de la Fundación Arellano Alonso de la Universidad de Valladolid

Oliva Cachafeiro Bernal - Coordinadora de la Fundación Arellano Alonso de la Universidad de Valladolid

Cristina Bayo Fernández - Responsable de comunicación de la Fundación Arellano Alonso de la Universidad de Valladolid

Beatriz Calvo Checa - Responsable de Educación de la Fundación Arellano Alonso de la Universidad de Valladolid

Bruno Fernández Blanco - Cultural Manager

joan pallares ferre - artista pintor
Me interesa vuestra propuesta, cuando os sea posible, informarme la manera y donde puedo haceros llegar un DVD de mi obra. Un saludo JOAN PALLARES

Irmina Trynkos - violinist

STOYKA BELEVA - Project Manager

Maria-Louiza Laopodi - Cultural Projects Coordinator

Manolo Gil Labrandero - Artist

AS Centar -

Machteld van buren - Artist
www.circus-europe.blogspot.nl www.machteldvanburen.nl

Christoforos Pavlakis - Multimedia freelancer

Danny Quinn - performer