“I don’t search, I find”


“There is no new art. There are new artists. The new artist must be completely faithful to him or herself, must be a creator, must be capable of building his or her own foundations directly and alone, without depending on the past or tradition… the formula is his or her antithisis”

Egon Schiele

“Without art life would be a mistake”
Friederich Nietzsche

“I close my eyes in order to see”

Paul Gauguin

“The work of the artist is always to deepen the mystery”

Francis Bacon

“What proceeds from an internal necessity of the soul is beautiful”

Wassily Kandinsky


EU Day of Artistic Creativity in Skopje

City of Skopje for the first time is celebrating 21 of March an European Day of Artistic Creativity. The program is consisted of 5 activities: 2 exhibitions, 2 workshops and open studios and one open debate. It will last form 21 of march until 2 of April. The program is organized with partnership by Museum od city of Skopje.

1. March 21, 2018 (Wednesday) - at 19.00 pm Salon 2 in the Museum of the City of Skopje
- Works of 9 young artists titled "PORTALI"

2. 24-25 March 2018 (Saturday and Sunday) - from 10.00 am to 18.00 pm - Salon 2 in the Museum of the City of Skopje
Open Study-Educational Workshop "Re TEX" - with students from faculties for redesign of furniture with recycled materials

3. March 25, 2018 (Sunday) - from 10.00 am to -14 pm - Salon 2 in the Museum of the City of Skopje
Educational workshop for children with recycling materials in collaboration with (private school Maximilian)

4. March 28, 2018 - (Wednesday) at 19:00 pm - Salon 2 in the Museum of the City of Skopje
"ArtTalk: - Debate of young artists form Skopje with p\owners of privet galles about posiibility of artist how to sell and promote their art work through the network of private gallery entrepreneurs. in
5. April 2, 2018 - (Monday) -19.00 pm hour cafe bar "Ljubov" -Porta Bunjakovec -
Exhibition "Kaleidoscope" - posters by graphic designers Marijana Ivanova and Simona Tripkova

Make a copy of your favorite artwork

In the Gallery of Matica srpska (Novi Sad, Serbia) students of Secondary school for art and design "Bogdan Suput" will have a chance to copy their favorite artworks from the collection of the Gallery. Audience will be invited to do the same, inspired by student's work.

  • Who is it for?: teenagers, general audience
  • Timetable: from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.
  • Institution / Organization: Gallery of Matica srpska
  • Address: Trg galerija 1
  • City: Novi Sad
  • Country: Serbia and Montenegro
  • Email: info@galerijamaticesrpske.rs
  • Telephone: +381 21 4899 000
  • Entry: free
  • Is it necessary to book?: No

The Gallery of Matica srpska and Secondary School for arts and design "Bogdan Suput" will organize a special day for copying artworks from the Permanent collection. Students of the Secondary school will choose their favorite artworks and during the day will try to copy them. This will also be an invitation for general audience to take part in observing and copying their favorite art piece. They will get necessary art material at the entrance and will be inspired by the work of students to copy artworks.
More information: www.galerijamaticesrpske.rs

Edge Hill Station Garden Launch

For EU DAY OF ARTISTIC CREATIVITY on Wednesday 21 March Metal will be formally re-opening the Edge Hill Station Garden for the growing season with the launch of a new artwork by Dave Evans.

  • Who is it for?: All Audiences, including families
  • Timetable: 5pm - 7pm
  • Institution / Organization: Metal Liverpool
  • Address: Edge Hill Station, Tunnel Road, L7 6ND
  • City: Liverpool
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Email: edgehill@metalculture.com
  • Telephone: +44 (0)151 7072277
  • Entry: Free
  • Is it necessary to book?: No
  • Document: cf8acd_Garden-Event-Page.jpeg

Following a three month residency in the garden Dave will be un-veiling an organic wi-fi mast with the capability of emitting an open access network accessible to garden users and commuters. Developed in collaboration with rail users and garden volunteers this online space will aim to provide an alternative experience to people looking at their phones during the boring commute, who otherwise would not think of gardening or communicating with each other. It will bring attention to the hidden parts of the internet, the radio waves, the rhythms and the physical real world objects the internet needs to function.

Join us from 5pm on Wednesday 21 March for an evening of food, music and the ceremonial unveiling of the totemic wi-fi mast.

Please note our garden is only accessible via a small number of steps. If you have any access requirements then please get in contact with us at edgehill@metalculture.com

Up for Arts Sing-a-Long at BBC Radio Merseyside in Liverpool

Merseyside A Cappella Community Choir ( known previously as the Up for Arts Choir ) is open to everyone aged 16 and above. There are no auditions and the only requirements are that members attend with enthusiasm and a willingness to fully enjoy the experience of group singing. The group rehearses every Wednesday at BBC Radio Merseyside. Come and join us for a sing-a-long on Wednesday 21st March and see if you fancy joining the gang and being part of the choir…

  • Who is it for?: Adults 18+
  • Timetable: Wednesday 21st March 6pm - 8.30pm
  • Institution / Organization: VoluntaryArts England / BBC Radio Merseyside
  • Address: 31 College Lane
  • City: Liverpool
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Email: helen.jones@bbc.co.uk
  • Telephone: 00 44 151 794 0924
  • Entry: FREE
  • Is it necessary to book?: No



Clermont-Ferrand puts the spotlight on artistic creativity for the first time by participating to the european day or artistic creativtity on March 21st 2018. For the occasion, follow the path in downtown Clermont-Ferrand to discover 5 great places dedicated to visual arts : artists studios, contemporary art collection, the magazine La belle revue, the festival of video art Vidéoformes and a surprising visit of a photo exhibition. The walk will be guided by the artist Antoine Barrot (graduated for the Clermont-Ferrand art school and participant to a CreArt residency program in 2017).


4:30 pm
Artists studios Bains d'huile
Three artists are occupying the three appartments and studios of Bains d'huile, run by the city of Clermont-Ferrand.
They will present from 2pm to 8pm the artworks of : Garance Alves, Antoine Charbonnier, Naser Dushica et Jean-Roméo Kamptchouang.
18 rue de l'Oratoire – Clermont-Ferrand

5 pm
FRAC Auvergne – flash visit
With the following exhibitions :
Clément Cogitore, Reste l'air et les formes…
Reste l'air et le monde… (an exhibition of artworks from the FRAC collection)
Exhibition from March 17th until June 17th 2018, open tuesday-saturday 2pm – 8pm and sunday 3pm – 8pm - 6 rue du Terrail

5:45 pm
In extenso – presentation of La belle revue
La Belle revue is an annual magazine on contemporary art presenting one year of exhibitions in the middle of France. It also questions the field of arts in different ways.
+ Exhibition : To Tame a Pack of Dogs, Eileen of Kate Mackenson et Fleur Melbourn
Exhibition from February 8th until March 21st, 2018, open wednesday-saturday 2pm – 8pm - 12 rue de la Coifferie.

6 pm
Salle Gilbert Gaillard – Vidéoformes festival
Group show : Ismaïl Bahri, Phyllis Baldino, Esmeralda Da Costa, Joseph David, Scenocosme & the cabinet of curiosities.
Exhibition from March 15th until 31st 2018, open tuesday- saturday, 10am – 6pm - 2 rue Saint-Pierre

6:30 pm
Hôtel Fontfreyde – photographic center – atypical visit
A surprising visit of the exhibition by irish photographer Seamus Murphy, Life is in Many Days with comedians and participation of the public as reporters.
Exhibition from January 19th untel March 31st 2018, open tuesday-saturday 2pm – 7pm - 34 rue des Gras

Practical information: free entrance, without booking. Beginning of the path at 4:30pm on 16 rue de l'Oratoire. You can begin or leave the path whenever you want. Contact : 04 73 42 60 47 / fmartin@ville-clermont-ferrand.fr.

3pm – A family visit of the exhibition followed by a snack.
Musée d'art Roger Quillot, place Louis-Deteix
Intimités en plein air. Les paysages d'Edouard Vuillard et Ker-Xavier Roussel.
Exhibition from March 2nd until June 24th 2018, open tuesday-friday 10am – 6pm and week-end 10-12am and 1-6pm.

7pm – The place of the subject
Florence Pazzottu with Giney Ayle and Loïez Deniel
Lecture with video within the festival Vidéoformes, in partnership with Lecture au centre.
Institut des métiers – rue du Château des Vergnes

5 pm – Opening of the exhibition Young video installations
produced by local schoolchilds
A partnership between Vidéoformes and Atelier Canopé
Canopé 63 – 15 rue d'Amboise
Exhibition from March 21st until April 5th, 2018, open monday-friday 9am – 6pm.


Chapelle de l'Hôpital Général – Rue Sainte-Rose
Vidéoformes Festival
Group show : Alessandro Amaducci, Phyllis Baldino, Bob Kohn.
Exhibition from March 15th until March 31st, open monday-saturday 11am – 7 pm and sunday 2-6 pm.

Galerie de l'Art du temps / Chapelle de l'Oratoire - rue de l'Oratoire
Vidéoformes festival
Esolo show of Philipp Artus
Exhibition from March 15th until March 31st, open monday-saturday 11am – 7 pm and sunday 2-6 pm.

La Tôlerie – 10 rue de Bien-Assis
Season2 : floor
Group show : Miguel Angel Molina, Samuel Richardot, Veit Stratmann and Olivier Vadrot.
Open wednesday- saturday 2-6 pm.

Acción poética

Durante el día de la poesía realizaremos una acción poética colectiva y proyectaremos videopoesía.

  • Who is it for?: para todas las edades
  • Timetable: 19h
  • Institution / Organization: La fontanería crea
  • Address: Calle Silió, 6 (soportales), 47005
  • City: Valladolid
  • Country: Spain
  • Email: crea@lafontaneriacrea.es
  • Telephone: +34693248349
  • Entry: Gratis
  • Is it necessary to book?: No
  • Document: 7731c6_1.jpg

El 21 de marzo es el día de la creatividad artística y el de la poesía. El espacio donde vamos a desarrollar la actividad es un espacio creativo "La fontanería crea" y formamos parte del colectivo de poesía experimental "Elefante rosa poesía". Por lo que hemos decidido unir las dos actividades.
Planteamos realizar una acción poética colectiva abierta al público y con la participación de nuestras alumnas cómplices.
La acción se llevará a cabo en el exterior a las 19h. En el interior proyectaremos videopoemas y performance poéticos del colectivo Elefante rosa.


EU Day of Artistic Creativity in Rouen (FR)


Project Ma journée commence Kickoff evening
29 rue Victor Hugo, Rouen

From 6pm / Collectif d’en face
Thomas CARTRON: residence in progress
147 Rue Beauvoisine, Rouen

Also in March, several exhibitions:

Up to the 25th of March:
« La nuit immédiate », Thomas Cartron
Musée de la Céramique

Up to the 25th of March:
Anne Collier
FRAC Normandie Rouen

Up to the 6th of April
Outsiders galerie

Up to the 7th of April
Main street
Hangar 107

Up to the 21st of April
Curieux mélanges
Libraries Grand’Mare - Simone-de-Beauvoir - Villon - Saint-Sever

Up to the 13th of May
Résonance, Collections of the FRAC Normandie Rouen
Musée des beaux-arts

Up to the 15th of May
Nos années sauvages
11 h 11 concept store

Up to the 25th of May
Mam galerie at the CDN de Rouen Normandie

Up to the 26th of May
À tire-d’aile / Figures de l’envol
Photographic center


En este taller descubrimos cómo crear una animación a partir de la técnica de stop-motion de forma fácil y entendible. Bajo el título “SEMPERE Motion” escribiremos un guión, dibujaremos el storyboard y animaremos la vida del artista Eusebio Sempere.

  • Who is it for?: Estudiantes de educación especial del programa formativo cualificación básica de Alicante
  • Timetable: 7 y 21 de marzo de 10:30 - 12:30
  • Institution / Organization: MACA,Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Alicante / Extrarradio
  • Address: Plaza Sta. María, 3, 03002 Alicante
  • City: Alicante
  • Country: Spain
  • Email: educacion@maca-alicante.es
  • Telephone: 0034965213156
  • Entry: Free
  • Is it necessary to book?: Yes
  • Document: bb4113_imagenSEMPEREmotion.jpg

Con motivo del Día Europeo de la Creatividad Artística que tendrá lugar el 21 de marzo, el Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Alicante, MACA junto al equipo de Extrarradio proponen el taller SEMPERE Motion, con el objetivo de reconocer y difundir la vida y obra de Eusebio Sempere.
Un stop motion realizado por alumnos de formación profesional del programa formativo cualificación básica del IES Leonardo Da Vinci de Alicante. En este taller descubrimos cómo crear una animación a partir de la técnica de stop-motion de manera sencilla. En cada sesión se trabajará en un aspecto diferente del stop motion, utilizando imágenes, dibujos u objetos inanimados vinculados a la vida y obra del artista alicantino Eusebio Sempere.

D from Creativity

Guided by the young artists awarded in the 2017 edition of the Aveiro Jovem Criador '17 competition, currently on display at the Aveiro / Santa Joana Museum, we are invited to experience creative processes and take part in artistic performances in music, painting, photography, digital art and written.

  • Who is it for?: Teenagers and adults
  • Timetable: March 25th, 15:00-18:00
  • Institution / Organization: Municipality of Aveiro
  • Address: Rua João Mendonça, 9-11, 3800-200
  • City: Aveiro
  • Country: Portugal
  • Email: museucidade@cm-aveiro.pt
  • Telephone: +351 234 406 485
  • Entry: Free
  • Is it necessary to book?: No

The activity takes place in the Museu de Aveiro, Santa Joana, located in the Avenida Santa Joana

Aveiro Jovem Criador’17, Competition | Exhibition

Exhibition of the works submitted to competition that have been selected by the jury and awarded in the 2017 edition. Located in the Museu de Aveiro / Santa Joana

  • Who is it for?: All audiences
  • Timetable: until March 25th, 10:12:30 and 13:30-18:00
  • Institution / Organization: Municipality of Aveiro
  • Address: Rua João Mendonça, 9-11, 3800-200
  • City: Aveiro
  • Country: Portugal
  • Email: museucidade@cm-aveiro.pt
  • Telephone: +351 234 406 485
  • Entry: Free
  • Is it necessary to book?: No